A New Tile-Based RTS Game

"Sigh~ It's Peacefree! Never heard of us before? We're an Intergalactic Liberation Army, dedicated to saving lives for freedom and justice!" — Gram Haverschine

Peacefree Tactical Warfare is an all-new Tile-Based Real Time Strategy game. You command an entire army of anthropomorphic creatures, in their quest to liberate the galaxy of Miroda against the hordes of enemy invaders.

Rescue Civilians to Recruit For Your Army!

"Heh! But seriously, even if they don't want to, I'd still rescue them just so I can kick some Virpuris tail!" — Lineus Vurr

Civilians you rescue will join your army and increase your Army Power. You can spend your collective power to do various things like build structures, explore neighboring tiles, and expand your territory.

Battle Against the Virpuris!

"A Meathouse... I've heard of them before. That's what the Virpuris call what they use to harvest meat from their victims." — Dyta Lind

The galaxy of Miroda is at war against the serpentine race called the Virpuris. These bloodthirsty gluttons will stop at nothing until all creatures of Miroda are either enslaved or worse — harvested for their meat. Lead your army and defend against hordes of Virpuris spaceships trying to invade and take over the galaxy.

Build & Defend Your Base!

"Oh, come on, are you crazy?! There's hordes of Bioships out there!" — Vurnax Prinall

Build structures and expand your base. From building Hydropods that generate food for your troops, to Generators that generate power, to Watchtowers that blasts your enemies into smithereens — you decide what to build!

You can also research new technologies in the Tech Lab, acquiring new building upgrades and unlocking the powerful Warmaker-class weapon HyPEL Blast!

Play The Game!

"Hello? Is anyone out there?! There's a damsel in distress here!" — Claire Fayeth

Peacefree Tractical Warfare is free to play, so why not give it a shot and check the game out? Somebody has to teach those bloodthirsty Virpuris a lesson or two!